Rare Palm Tree Fossil

This beautiful collection of fossils depicts a different era in Oregon’s history. Lush jungles, lakes, ponds, and different coastlines are being buried, sunk, lifted, covered in ash, superheated and covered in ice. This rare palm tree fossil collection was found in the Battle Mountain Island Ridge (approx. 3,800 ft elevation) of Northeastern Oregon, just east of the world-renowned John Day Fossil Beds. 

These palms are from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous times approx. 60 to 200 million years ago (Mesozoic Era). Preserved in the dirty sandstones and mudstones by blankets of ash from the Clarno and Picture Gorge Volcanos approx. 25 to 55 million years ago (Tertiary Era). Luckily preserved at a high elevation protected from the massive basalt lava floods of the Miocene period.  

The color of the fossils shows the type of soil that only develops in lush wet tropical climates.  Through time volcanic eruptions seared a terrible swath through forests incinerating everything in its path. Huge lava flows frequently dammed streams, creating lakes and swamps, which over time filled with sediment. Then ash preserved what we see today, animals and all. A beautiful depiction of life and destruction by volcanos. 

These fossils are all-natural, unprepped, raw, and pure!!!

These fossils are sold as a collection consisting of the following:    

Four main palm leaf section fossil prints in their natural state on the sandstone/mudstone host with other plant life and leaves. Left in their natural state, some of these specimens are fossils on top of fossils, a magnificent display of multiple fossils all in one boulder.  For further information and specific dimensions, please contact us. 

30 plus small sections, an assortment of 2″ to 18″ fossil palm and leaf parts. (2 box totes, as pictured).

Note: Domestic shipping is included in the price. Please contact us to request any further information