Petrified Wood “The Foot”

Product Dimensions: 6.5″ long, 5″ high, 2.5″ wide. 

This petrified wood is all-natural, fully agatized stone. From the Miocene era, it is of the Taxodioxylon Type, or Taxodium “knees” species of Bald Cypress, located in The Rattlesnake Hills of Central Washington. 

There are several kinds of wood from this locality. Some fossil wood collectors say this material can be from the Rattlesnake Hills or Saddle Mountain locations because of the multiple species of hardwoods in each location. 

A great piece for curiosity and conversation! The story has been told that the prehistoric traveler got bit by a rattlesnake on Rattlesnake Hill, then fell down the hill breaking his/her ankle, and coming to their final resting place.