Oregon Opal

Product Description: 57 carats, contra luz crystal opal. It measures 21.5 mm x 63.5 mm x 7.0 mm thick. 100% natural, no fixing, gluing or coloring. Color is visible from all sides.

Oregon opals are created when water containing silica and other minerals seeps through fractured basalt and forms a solution that produces the opal. This occurs over thousands of years through a process called “silicification” where the minerals in the water replace organic material such as wood, plant fibers, or animal bones within the basalt.

As the silica-rich solution increases in volume, it begins to fill in cracks and cavities inside the basalt, eventually forming an Oregon opal over time. The color of each opal is determined by tiny amounts of different elements, including aluminum, iron oxide, manganese oxide, calcium carbonate, and magnesium carbonate combined with silica. As these components change during formation, Oregon opals can have a variety of colors – from firey reds to vibrant blues – depending on their composition.