Ocean Agate Slab

Ocean Agate Slab mined in Central Oregon, USA. 

Product details: High-grade gem chalcedony, hematite iron, druzy quartz, polished one side, pexiglass backing.

How is Ocean Agate Slab formed?

An ocean agate is a type of colorful, translucent banded stone that is created when an agate slab is exposed to the elements along a beach or coastline. The agate slab forms in cavities of volcanic rocks or ancient riverbeds. Over time, the waves from the ocean erode and shape the surface of the rock, creating unique patterns and colors. 

When exposed to salt water, iron oxide and other minerals in the water fill in between the layers of chalcedony quartz within the agate, further enhancing its color palette. As the waves continue to erode, they smooth out any sharp edges on the stone, making it more rounded and giving it its signature glossy look.  The resulting ocean agate displays beautiful colors ranging from bright teals to deep blues and purples. Additionally, because each piece of agate has been shaped by nature over millions of years, no two pieces are alike – making them even more special and unique.