Bird Grit Feed & Soil Amendments

Oregon Boulder Company offers a wide variety of bird grit feed. Ask us about our bulk wholesale pricing.

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Bird grit is a type of small stone or gravel that birds consume to aid digestion. It is also great in gardening and farming applications for helping aerate and drain soils when mixed into the soil. We provide bird grit feed wholesale in bulk. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

What sets our product apart from the rest?

-We mine our stone in the USA at the base of the beautiful Elkhorn mountains in Oregon. Our mineral grit is a byproduct of the natural weathering and erosion of solid stone. Our product is all natural: for nature, from nature. We do not use crushed raw stone or waste rock like larger name brands. 

-Our stone mineral grit is mined free from any impurities, garbage, chemicals, even farming chemical oversprays. We cut the top few feet of off and get into pure million year old minerals. Undamaged by mankind!

What does the competition, and large well known named brands do?

They use waste rock off crushers. A junk byproduct that’s the wrong shape for birds to grind up their feed. Also, most likely contaminated with traces of manmade metals from the crushing operation. 

Our grit is a great source of minerals and micronutrients and is now used in our premium bird grits. Vita-Grit – 100% natural poultry supplement.

Our unique mineral grit is aesthetically versatile for landscaping. It is easy to maintain as it decomposes due to natural elements, provides good drainage, low dust, and a natural look. Great for riding arenas, pathways, etc. Used as a mulch, or soil amendment it can provide plants and trees beneficial nutrients as it decomposes. 

The standard grain size is a natural blend from 1/4” down to sand. Eventhough most birds do not eat grains of sand. The portion of sand is left in for great water drainage, a sanitary bed material, and easier cleanup. 

If you need a product with a certain size requirement contact us. 


Hundreds of millions of birds can’t be wrong!