Alpine Boulder Company is a boulder mining and fabrication company in Oregon. We offer custom manufacturing of boulders and ship worldwide.

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Alpine Boulder Company is a boulder mining and fabrication company. We help individuals and businesses to create boulder decor, boulder furniture, and any other application where boulders are used. We help our clients from start to finish. We mine, fabricate, and deliver all the boulders that we sell. From landscape stone to manufacturing boulder home decor, we serve various types of clients. 

We also offer WWII Manhattan Project glass specimens. These are rare and sought-after relics from the WWII Manhattan Project atomic bomb site. Own a part of America’s history and order your Manhattan Project glass today!

What separates Alpine Boulder Company from the rest? I’m willing to go the extra mile for my clients. My work will be around long after I am gone. I believe that quality still needs to show within the tiniest of details. My line of work is rough, big, heavy, yet fragile, and quality needs to show throughout all of these areas. My goal is for my clients to see that I care about them and their desire for quality products.


Growing up in Alaska, my love for nature and interest in stones began at a young age. That same curiosity and excitement motivated me to start my own business. In 2003, I moved to Oregon, and Alpine Boulder Company was born. Due to the demand of a young family and building a business from scratch, I learned a lot on the fly, always listening and learning. With a little John Deere 240 skid steer and a computer, I started selling granite boulders from private land. Now seventeen years later, I am mining all kinds of stones and shipping them worldwide.

I love working and being out in nature and am passionate about boulder mining. I often think of those that will never get to experience this. That inspires me to find the best of what nature has to offer for others to enjoy. My passion lies in helping others find that connection.

What still drives me after being in this business for 20 years? The feeling I get when I am connected with these never-ending creations of nature. Finding a new waterfall or taking a new trail into the unknown. That childlike curiosity and fascination with treasures from the earth capture us all. After 20 years, it still feels like when I was a kid.

If you have made it this far, thank you for listening to my story and visiting our website. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer. We would love to work and connect with you, so please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

-Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn Alpine Boulder Company